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Seggiano expanding Barcho's business (5.1.10)

Over the last years we have been in touch with the London based Perregrine Trading. They are suppliers of organic delicacies from artisan producers in Italy, mainly from the area around the small village of Seggiano in southern Tuscany. Most of the products use the brand Seggiano, and so does their wonderful extra virgin olive oil produced on Olivastra Seggianese.

Normally, the olive oil is mild, with a creamy taste and a slightly peppery after taste with fresh herbs. Their first bottling, however, is a deep green, non filtered, medium punchy olive oil that carriesthe label "New Harvest". This oil is now in Barcho's storage and
before Christmas it reached some of our stores in Oslo.

I addition, Perregrine Trading offers a series of fantastic products, many of them organic. As a start, we have in stock:
- Semi dried tomatoes: sweeter and more tasty than you have ever tasted
- Mixed Porcinini: delicious on pizza, pasta, risotto and more
- Red pesto: any better than this one?
- Green pesto: no cheese, but who misses it with such an intense smell of basil?
- Tomato sauce for pasta: just chuck it on, ummmmm......
- Pasta: tagliatelle and penne rigate made in a bronze moulds to make a special porous texture that makes the sauce cling to the pasta. Slow drying on low temerature to preserve the proteins, makes the pasta more tasty.
- Risotto rice: the finest, from Carnaroli rice.

Besides the facts about the pasta, our comments are of cource subjective. But they also mirror our true pleasure discovering the sublime tastes of natural food. From small producers concerned with minimal processing and no addition of preservatives.