Barcho´s oils and balsamic vinegar at the Norwegian Culinary Academy (09.05.09)


At 17.30 close to 50 persons arrived to receive a glass of sparkling wine. And while the employees went for a professional gathering, Carlo Hjelkrem of Barcho conducted their partners through a tasting of the products that the chef had chosen carefully.


Prior to cooking, a tasting of Olivastra Seggianese, Lirys Moraiolo and Etichetta Rossa ”8”


In the kitchen Jostein Medhus, Ståle Herje, Halvar Ellingsen og Pontus Blomberg were waiting with recips, fresh ingredients and the selected products of Barcho.


The menu included four delicious courses:

Entrée: Lightly smoked trout with green asparagus from South of England. Salade with herbs and cream of eggs, chive and vinaigrette with Olivastra Seggianese from Frantoio Franci.
First main course: Bacalao with stewed yellow onion and chips of Jerusalem artichoke. Sauce of reduced Sherry and Sherry vinegar with black olives and Lirys Moraiolo from Luigi Tega .
Second main course: Carrée of Norwegian spring lamb. Brawn of lamb, primeur vegetables and potatoes. Laurel gravy.
Dessert: Norwegian rhubarb, yoghurt, almond cake and strawberries with Antico Condimento Balsamico, Etichetta Rossa ”8” from Terra del Tuono.



Jostein Medhus teaching ”apprentices” from the Union Group



After some hours of cutting, slicing and cooking, it was time for the partners to meet the employees and to be seated. And cooks and waiters performed the last touch.



Entree with Olivastra Seggianese on the salad

The cooks performed the ”last touch” as the guests were seated.

To be able to repeat the culinary highlights, the Union Group had arranged for all the guests to bring home the products of Barcho in a nice gift wrap.

Judging from the participants, this was a successful evening with many culinary highlights. If you are interested in the detailed recipes, please contact Barcho at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Gift wraps with olive oils and balsamic vinegar from the delicious menu.