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Barcho visiting Luigi Tega (21.04.09)

At the end of March 2009 Barcho visited our producer in Umbria, Luigi Tega. He has tried to invite us several times since we started importing his olive oils last year. And since we were on a trip to Umbria anyway, it was a pleasure to accept his invitation.

Luigi has taken over and modernized the family’s olive mill, situated in the small village of Vescia, outside the city of Foligno. With modern production methods he has taken his olive oils to the very top of quality in Umbria. In addition, he is also running a newly refurbished Bed & Breakfast connected to the olive mill. And his mother, who is running the kitchen, is also teaching cooking classes. As their guest, I was fortunate to enjoy both facilities.

A little hidden, but you know you are in the right place when you see this sign


After settling in and enjoying a great lunch, the route was set for the hillside to see the olive trees. In this area, Moraiolo is the king and the micro climate in Luigi’s olive grove gives extraordinary conditions. Although looking at the trees gives the impression of the opposite as they have a tendency to open the stem as they grow old. This gives the impression of a daying tree. But beware, no Moraiolo tree should be judged by its bark. This is only natural for Moraiolo.




Bed & Breakfast to the right, olive mill to the left


To produce his top quality olive oil, Lirys Moraiolo Monocultivar, Luigi uses a production method called Sinolea. This method was invented in Umbria, and works by a set of knives running through the olives. When the knives pull out, drops of olive oil are attached to the blades and drips into a vat. And if one could speak of “the first pressing” (with modern production methods there normally is only one pressing), this is an example since only max 50% of the oil is extracted this way. The rest has to be pressed in a second pressing and by a different method. But, then Luigi’s oils are given a different name.


An old willow? No, Moraiolo of the very best kind

Oils that are mixed with different flavors are other strengths of Luigi’s. And they were all put on the table in the evening. Luigi had invited his brother in law and a friend. Now he wanted to experiment with oils and courses that his mother was preparing in the kitchen. The dinner started with different antipasti and his mother was anxious to hear my opinion of the cold pieces of clip fish with Lirys Moraiolo. A kind of carpaccio which blended beautifully with the delicious olive oil. This was followed by Tagliatelle with fresh mint. Luigi topped it up with lemon oil and that really worked. Then, beef with Lirys Moraiolo and in the end the big surprise of the evening: Chocolate mousse with orange oil. The most exciting combination I have tastes in a long time!








Sinolea. The best olive oil


We look forward to cooperate with Luigi Tega in the future and wait anxiously for him to produce the basil and garlic oil of the season. They are great products, in which first class olive oil is infused with an extract of fresh basil and garlic of the season. You can find them in the stores by the end of May.