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Barcho was established in 2006, first as a partnership with apportioned liability (ANS), then, in 2007, as a private limited company (AS). It is owned by Carlo Hjelkrem and Bård Seiersnes.

The vision of Barcho is to be an ”intermediator of good tastes”. This vision is achieved through imports of Extra Virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars and other products of the highest quality. To live up to this vision, Barcho performs extensive product testing and all products offered by Barcho are also tested by a panel and selected customers before the final decision of imports and sales.


Barcho concentrates sales in the following channels:

Shops – supermarkets, groceries and delicatessen

In June 2009, Barcho signed with Norgesgruppen, which is the biggest chain of supermarkets in Norway and a market share of 35%, to distribute our products in their gourmet supermarket chain, Ultra.

Barcho’s products are also offered in a wide selection of the finest gourmet and fruit&vegetable shops in the Oslo area.

Company gift market

Barcho has an agreement with Gosh InterGift. Our products are profiled in their catalogues and in their 13 showrooms.

Barcho also offers direct sales to companies who do not buy through Gosh InterGift.

Network sales

Barcho has an extensive email list, addressing eager customers 3-4 times a year. Tastings and sales are conducted in our warehouse during the top seasons before summer holidays and Christmas.